Sunken Treasures

Jerry Muskrat and Captain Nemo at the Shipwrecks of The Hamilton & Scourge

Sharing the Dream

Jerry Muskrat interviews LCM’s superhero Carol Johnston

Vault of Genius

Jerry Breaks into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

In partnership with: The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Using Nemo's secret code, super-spy Jerry Muskrat breaks through a vault door and steps into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in London, Ontario. There, he discovers how Canadians have improved the health of people around the world. One of the original ten laureates is Jerry’s WW1 pal Frederick Banting, now a “Sir”! Jerry spots Bobby Raccoon slipping out of the vault, and heads inside to make sure nothing is stolen. There, he gets a crash course on several notable Canadian superheroes who have saved millions of lives!

Special note: we created this episode with the fabulous people at the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.