Steam Punked!

Jerry visits the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology

Vault of Genius

Jerry Breaks into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Sunken Treasures

Jerry Muskrat and Captain Nemo at the Shipwrecks of The Hamilton & Scourge

In partnership with: The Hamilton & Scourge National Historic Site

Jerry Muskrat drifts from Hamilton to Saint-Catharines and finds he is above a National Historic Site of Canada. At the bottom of Lake Ontario is the shipwreck sites of The Hamilton & Scourge, two warships from the War of 1812. Jerry learns how the ships sank from the story by the one surviving sailor, Ned Myers. And who reads Jerry this story? It's his old friend... Captain Nemo!

The Nautilus submarine is stationed in Lake Ontario. The City of Hamilton is making 3-D scans of the wrecks with ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles). No one is allowed to this special site without a license from the Province of Ontario... and Captain Nemo!

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