Mysterious Mission

Jerry Muskrat Meets Captain Nemo

Summer of Love

Jerry Muskrat at Expo 67

Mission: Possible

Jerry Meets The Animazia Animals

In partnership with: WYRD Productions

While on his mission from Captain Nemo to find gears for a mysterious Time Machine, Jerry once again gets zapped aboard the Nautilus. Nemo tells him that they’re about to have company. Sure enough, other animal passenger/prisoners get zapped in from across the country. Nemo enters dramatically, and introduces himself to the group. The secretive captain has vowed never to set foot on land, and is traveling 20,000 leagues under the sea in his Nautilus submarine. What will his secret new mission be? Tune in and find out!
This episode was developed by Kidoons and WYRD Productions as part of Jerry’s “Gears of Time” storyline, and for entertainment and educational outreach for the theatrical productions in the “BOOM” trilogy, and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”.,