A Tail of Two Cities

Jerry Muskrat Visits The Thunder Bay Museum

Gateway to the Seaway

Jerry Muskrat Feels Superior At the Port of Thunder Bay

In partnership with: Port of Thunder Bay

Jerry and Snappy imagine themselves being buried in quicksand, but Topper the Topmost Mouse shakes them out of the fantasy. They’re actually in the cargo hold of a bulk ship, standing on Topper’s grain shipment to the east coast. Together, they discover the history of Thunder Bay, from its beginnings as the separate towns of Port Arthur and Fort William, to the present western gateway to the St. Lawrence Seaway. While learning about the Port of Thunder Bay, Jerry’s pal Steve Adore makes a surprise appearance. He tells Jerry how im-port-ant shipping is from an economic and an ecological point-of-view. By the end, Jerry’s ready to move on to Thunder Bay Museum to find his next gear for Captain Nemo’s time machine.

Special note: we created this video with the Port of Thunder Bay. For more info on ports, you can also watch “A Very Im-Port-ant Person: Jerry Meets Steve Adore at the Port of Oshawa”. And stay tuned for more of Jerry’s adventure in his series "The Greatest Lakes – a Jerry Muskrat™ Adventure!"